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One of The Fastest Growing Real Estate Brand Now Launching in India

Come Join Our Family of 55k plus Realtors and Transform Your Real Estate Brokerage Business

The World is Changing and so is Everything!







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eXp Realty

  • Are you stuck following the traditional and old methodologies in your real estate brokerage business?
  • Is Lengthy Paperwork, Delayed Commission Payments, and High Capital Costs slowing you down?
  • Do you only get a small portion of your commission and have to distribute it with your team?

Transform Your Real Estate Brokerage Business in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1

Register With eXp as an Agent

Step 2

Get World Class Training and Support to Grow Your Business

Step 3

Get Paid Up to 100% Commission

Get Handsome Rewards For Bringing Agents to the Company

Agents at eXp can receive revenue share income from the sales activity of agents they bring into the company.

For each person you bring into eXp, you can earn up from 3.5% to 5% commission depending on the sales production of that person.

This continues to be paid to you as long as you remain an active agent and the agent you have brought into the business stays with eXp and generates sales requirements.

Revenue share is paid from the percentage that eXp receives and doesn’t reduce agent commission.

See the difference? You are not just making money from property you are selling, you are even earning for bringing new people to the company.

6 reasons why eXp is the future for Real Estate Brokers in India:

High Income
eXp agents get to retain 75 to 100% of their commission. Agents can even earn equity awards for achievements.

State-Of-The-Art Technology
Real Estate is now Virtual! Ditch the brick and mortar and join the world at eXp virtual spaces. Basically “Work from anywhere”. Yes, the Future of Real Estate has arrived!

World Class CRM 

Get Institutional and Professional support 

Sales and Listings Administration
Lead Generation Platform
Social Media Exposure
CRM and Technology Tools

And a Lot More...

Learn and Develop with eXp University

From experienced agents to mentors to new agents, eXp University is for you. There are more than 50 hours of live training each week in eXp World on eXp Realty tools and real estate business best practices. 

Expand Beyond Your Area And Office 

Now you are not limited to just do brokerage in your limited radius. As a eXp realtor, you can do business through the world.

Network and Grow

Don't just network in your area. With eXp, you get to network and grow with 42k plus realtors across the globe.

About eXp

eXp Realty founded in 2009 now has over 55,000 agents in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, South Africa, Mexico, Portugal, France, and India. Often referred to as “The Amazon of Real Estate”, eXp Realty has been Glassdoor’s best place to work since 2018.

See What Others Have to Say


“eXp is going to be the future of real estate for many smart agents who want to earn more in less time.”

Elizabeth Riley AUSTIN, TX

“One of the unique things about eXp is that the agents truly have a voice and leadership is listening.”


“eXp Realty is called a “Real Estate Phenomenon” poised for success in 2021”