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Announcing the Launch of eXp Realty in India

eXp Realty, one of the fastest-growing real estate company in the world, has launched in India and is transforming the Indian real estate market with an opportunity to move forward in business with an agent centric cloud-based brokerage. 

Let’s hear from, accomplished realtor, educator, and eXp thought leader Juan Alvarez …

How will this launch impact the career of Indian realtors and how can one be ready to put this opportunity in action?

The challenges that the Indian Real Estate Industry face are challenges that we all are suffering from. Economic loss coupled with a fear driven environment forces many, if not most, businesses to close their doors. 

eXp offers the solution with an innovative and creative way to connect with success. 

Where are we?

Real Estate in India is set to be a 1 Trillion Dollar industry by 2030 in spite of economic challenges and the on-going pandemic. We have challenges on all sides, delayed projects, newer taxes, shift in demands, procedural complexities, pending approvals, speculation in land, and real estate prices continue to affect end-users, real estate agents, and governments.

How does the shift and pivot we have experienced since the pandemic affect business moving forward?

It affects people in different ways. Governments are trying to reform the structure, simplify the procedure, set better and comprehensive regulations. End-users are becoming more aware; weighing their options and with RERA they are better protected too.

The pressure to shift and change is absorbed by the real estate agent. The real estate agent is historically positioned to deal with pressure. It is time to step past the obstacles and step into innovative success with the support of eXp cloud-based brokerage platform. 

Here are the challenges faced by real estate agents around the world. 

  • Inventory – Even with reports of oversupply, given geographical limitations, there is not an unlimited supply of real estate.

  • Competition from online platforms – With multiple online platforms like Common Floor, Magic Bricks, 99acres, Housing.com, NoBroker.com etc., and end-users moving to these platforms, alarm is being raised within the real estate industry.

  • Constant Change in Technology – It goes without saying that no one can keep up with technology on their own.  It takes innovation to keep up with technology.

  • Costly lead Generation -It is expensive to generate leads and not all leads generate a sale. 

  • Maintaining a Database – Classifying the leads and following up with them is key and is easier now that connecting virtually is accepted. 

Is there any solution to the problems faced by Real estate agents at all levels?

EXP offers the solution with an innovative way to connect with success. 

The real estate industry in India is being transformed with the innovative tools and agent centric support, plus training the eXp business model offers. 

eXp Realty, founded in 2009, now has over 40,000 agents in 9 countries and is referred to as “the Amazon of Real Estate”

eXp Realty is the Uber of Real Estate 

eXp Realty is the Oyo of Real Estate 

eXp Realty is the Netflix of Real Estate 

Remember the time when having “movies streamed” to your television was a foreign concept and today “streaming” is a part of everyday life. 

Just as Netflix made a visionary step into the future of technology, eXp is making the same visionary step in real estate with its cloud based virtual brokerage model.

What makes eXp Realty stand out over other brokerages?

  • AGENT CENTRIC – eXp Realty is obsessed with agent success
  • HIGH INCOME – eXp agents get to retain 75 to 100% of their commission. Agents can even earn equity awards for achievements.
  • STATE OF ART TECHNOLOGY – Why spend lakhs on office space, when you can work from the comfort of your own home. With cloud-based business, you cut down on major expenses such as renting office space and other brick and mortar expenses.

 “Work from anywhere” The future of real estate is NOW! World Class CRM To Help You Manage Everything With Your Real Estate Brokerage

  • Get Institutional and Professional support
  • Sales and Listings Administration
  • Lead Generation Platform
  • Social Media Exposure
  • CRM and Technology Tools
  • Paperless transactions

So that you go out there and do the Real Thing 

  • Learn, Develop Skills, and Train on the eXp platform from the best of the best in eXp UNIVERSITY 

  • Expand beyond limitations of area and office and collaborate internationally with other eXp agents.


For every agent referred, you can earn up to Rs 210,000 depending on the sales production of the agent.

The future of real estate is NOW! 

Say goodbye to brick-and-mortar space and join a modern virtual cloud brokerage. 

Skip the never-ending paperwork, and leverage the latest technologies offered in the industry. 

Train yourself without limits and move beyond your global limitations. 

Work in a virtual business space and collaborate across the world. eXp World offers, agent centric transitions services as well as tech support,  lead generation/website, transaction management,  state broker response and follow-up, so that you can focus on doing what you do best…selling Real Estate and connecting others with what eXp has to offer. 

Click here to join a FREE webinar and experience on how to transform your real estate business.

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